Timmy the Puzzle Turtle

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Timmy the Turtle Puzzle Toy Infographics

Timmy the Puzzle Turtle is a cute and skittish turtle that is looking for a fur-ever play pal. He gets along well best with other dogs - pups that see this little toy will be immediately charmed by him! 

This turtle is a fun and versatile puzzle toy that provides both mental stimulation and physical exercise for your furry friend. He is a natural entertainer for pups and always transforms playtime into a wondrous and sensational experience!

Sometimes, Timmy gets a little shy and might hide in his shell. When that happens, fill him with some treats inside his pockets so you can teach your dog how to encourage Timmy to come out of his shell! This is a fun and interactive way to play with your dog, which also improves your pet’s problem-solving skills.

Timmy is washer-friendly for easy cleaning and is both functional and safe for your furry friend. Made with durable and pet-friendly materials, we are paw-sitive that with Timmy, your dog’s happiness will soar!