Twilight White Donut Bed

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Twilight White Donut Bed Infographics

A dreamy, calming, nap-inducing experience awaits the lucky pup that gets to snooze on this. Once your dog has had the heavenly opportunity to use this Twilight White Donut Bed, they’ll fall deeply in love with it.

The shaggy faux-fur design mimics a mother dog’s coat, giving your dog the chance to reminisce about being cradled by their mommy while they rest. Dogs with anxiety calm down in minutes.

Wonderfully crafted with plush cotton, faux fur, and a luxurious rug texture that is self-warming and remarkably comfortable, filled to the brim with extra-soft stuffing that feels like sleeping among clouds.

Insulate your best friend from getting chilly, while the soft breathable material of this bed keeps them cool if it gets hot. Raised edges provide firm support for your dog’s back and neck, perfect for easing aches and pains and daily fatigue. This bed is fantastic for all dogs, especially young pups and senior pooches.

Dogs already spend between 12 and 14 hours asleep daily, so make it a blissful experience by giving them this snuggly plush bed to sleep in seventh heaven.

This bed also comes in Midnight Grey color.