Fleece Animal Hoodie in Grey

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Fleece Animal Hoodie in Grey Infographics

Bring warmth and whimsy into your pup's wardrobe with our Fleece Animal Hoodie in Grey. Crafted with love, this hoodie promises unmatched comfort, style, and a pinch of playful innocence.

This neutral shade offers an understated elegance that seamlessly blends with any fur color, lending a sophisticated flair to your dog's everyday look.

Made with premium cotton fleece, this hoodie feels like a gentle embrace—soft, warm, and undeniably snug. It's the loving touch your pup deserves on those chilly evenings or just a lazy indoor day.

The darling little animal ears atop the hood add an extra layer of cuteness to your fur pal’s ensemble.

Gift your dog this snuggly sensation today! Your pet will thank you with every wag and woof.

Also available in Apricot and Pink colors.