Warm Padded Jacket in Pink

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Warm Padded Jacket in Pink Infographics

This silky smooth and lightweight Warm Padded Jacket in Pink is the solution for adventurous pups to continue frolicking around in the cold in maximum comfort. Shield your dog from strong winds, chilly weather, light rain or snow. 

This easy-on easy-off jacket will be a first for your dog as they run, jump, or simply relax in comfortable warm clothing. Gently hugging your dog’s frame, it produces a dramatic calming effect, incredibly potent for anxious, fearful, or overexcited pets. It even stays in place throughout the most rigorous of outdoor activities!

Constructed with durable and breathable soft fabric, this water-resistant quick-drying accessory is easy to care for after returning from your outdoor adventures. Compact and functional, this Warm Padded Jacket is easily packable for travel and comes with an external leash ring and industrial-grade zipper for utmost convenience.

This jacket also comes in Red, Blue, and Green colors.