Poof the Pufferfish Toy

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Poof the Pufferfish Chew Toy Infographics

Poof the Pufferfish is here to make your pup’s day with his wacky antics! This goofy and eye-catching puff ball will provide hours of amusement for your pets, distracting them from their boredom and anxiety at home.

Chewing keeps your dog’s teeth clean and strong, which is why Poof is crafted with high-quality and non-toxic thermoplastic rubber that withstands rough everyday play. He squeaks and has an erratic bounce which is extra exciting for pups that will love chasing him around as he dribbles away!

We know how important dental hygiene is for you and your furry friend, so Poof is designed with spines that will clean their teeth as they play. Poof also floats on water so he can accompany your dog for an aquatic adventure by the poolside too! 

Poof comes in 3 different colors so your pup can pick their favorite.