Buddy the Dino Toy

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Plush Dino Toy Infographics

Buddy the adorable little plush dino toy will become your dog’s best friend. Made with love and thick layers of high-quality textile, this playful dino loves to play fetch and is always up for an exciting game of tug of war!

As your pup gnaws away at it, the soft kernels will clean its teeth and massage its gums. After endless hours of enjoyment at playtime, watch your dog cuddle up tight with it while they sleep into the night.

Double-stitched seams and pillows of pet-safe cotton stuffing inside ensure that Buddy will endure many vigorous games of fetch during rough puppy play times. Plus, it squeaks with extra excitement to entice your dog to play with it all day!

Each of the 3 different vivid colors represents Buddy and his siblings and each boasts a unique alluring personality. Get ready for Buddy the Dino to become the ideal companion your pup has been waiting for all year!