Pet Bowl and Water Feeder in Blue

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Blue Bowl and Water Feeder Infographics

This two-in-one food bowl and water feeder set is all you need for your little furry pal to receive their meals at home.

The food bowl is adjustable up to a 15-degree tilt, which can increase the height and make eating for your pet much more comfortable, and relieves stress on their spine, which is especially good for young and senior dogs. 

The water feeder bottle also stores up to 20 oz. of liquid, which is usually enough for the average dog for half a day, or cat for the whole day.

This also makes it extra convenient for you as a pet owner as you can simply fill it up, set it, and forget it for the bulk of your day.

All components of the bowl and water feeder are made of durable food-grade plastic, easily disassembled, and easy to wash.

Also comes in White color.