Yellow & Navy Hoodie

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Yellow and Navy Sweater Infographics

Have your pup embark on a journey of style and comfort with our Yellow & Navy Hoodie! This hoodie combines the timeless appeal of yellow and navy shades with the practicality every pet parent seeks.

This hoodie showcases a beautiful blend of yellow and blue, which is a visually soothing contrast and also serves as a nod to the timeless pastel charm of these two colors. 

Recognizing the distinct needs of medium to larger breeds, this hoodie promises a comfortable and flattering fit. It allows them to move, play, and rest without hindrance, ensuring they look dashing at every turn.

Not only that, this hoodie comes with a pocket on the back, just like a regular human hoodie, and also comes with a leash hole on the back for added convenience!

Order this hoodie today and let your pooch flaunt its new hoodie with pride and joy!