Coco the Croc Toy

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Coco the Crocodile Plush Toy Infographics

Here’s an eye-catching and goofy crocodile that has become an immediate favorite for dogs all around the world! Soft and cuddly despite his scales and pearly whites, pups will enjoy hanging out with Coco the Croc for endless hours of fun!

The soft plush material is gentle on dogs’ mouths as they chew, and the dimples on Coco’s body massage and clean their teeth and gums.

Coco squeaks when squeezed so your furry friend will be drawn to keep playing with it for ages. Redirect any destructive chewing behavior from your furniture to it instead! Crafted with soft durable fabric and generously stuffed to withstand plenty of play, Coco is perfect for teething pups and dogs who enjoy chewing and tugging!

Keep your pup’s jaws occupied with Coco the Croc and you might never see bite marks on your shoes and furniture again!